7 Signs You Need Roof Repair Simpsonville SC

Roof repairs are inevitable. No matter how durable and properly maintained your roof is, it will eventually sustain damage prompting the need for roof repair Simpsonville SC can provide But when can you say that your roof needs repairs? What signs should you look out for?

Well, in this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the telltale signs that indicate you need roof repair in Simpsonville SC.

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Water leaks

This is perhaps one of the most common signs that indicate you need roof repairs. There can be several reasons why you have leakage problems. It could be that you have damaged shingles, missing shingles, or you have cracks on the roof.

If these are the case, you need to have them repaired right away to stop the leaks. If you don’t, leakage can worsen and can cause other significant problems. It can stain your walls, damage your interiors, and can even compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Damaged, cracked, and curled shingles

Damage and cracks on your shingles may be caused by old age, normal weathering, strong winds, and even storms. If this happens, water can easily seep through underneath your roof’s surface causing water damage and moss growth issues. Worse, it can even lead to structural damage.

This is why as soon as you notice visible damage or cracks on your roof’s shingles, have them repaired right away. Have a roofing professional replace the affected shingle or apply sealants to seal off the gaps or cracks. This way, water will no longer be able to seep through underneath.

Missing shingles

These are more likely caused by strong winds, storms, or heavy rains. If there are missing shingles, this can become an entry point for water to enter and penetrate the interior of your roof and your property in general causing multitudes of other damage such as water and structural issues.

So if you notice any missing shingles on your roof, so long as it only involves one or a few shingles, you can still have them repaired by replacing those that are missing. This way, you can seal the entry point and prevent water from entering.

Damaged flashing

Flashing is what conncets your roof to your vents and chimneys. It is also what redirects water away so it will not get into your house or seep through underneath your roof’s surface. If the flashing is damaged, it can no longer do that effectively.

So once you notice the damage, immediately call for roofers offering the best services on roof repair Simpsonville SC has to offer. If you don’t, you may have to get more expensive repairs and replacements in the future.

Sagging roof

If your roof is sagging, there might be too much water on top that it is no longer capable of holding. Or it can also be because of poor installation or not enough structural support on the roof. If this problem is left ignored or untreated, the roof may end up collapsing at any time which is a health and safety hazard. It puts you, your family, and your property’s safety at risk.

Granules in the gutters

Roofs, especially shingle roofs, are coated with protective granules that shield them from water easily penetrating underneath the roof’s surface. Once these coatings start to wear off, so does the protection on your roof. If this happens, moisture will easily seep through underneath your roof causing water and structural damage.

In addition, it can also hamper the water flow on your roof since the granules will more likely pile up on the gutters blocking the water from flowing freely and draining effectively.

Moss growth

Moss thrives in damp or shaded areas. Aside from the fact that it is aesthetically unpleasant to look at, it can also impede the water flow on your roof. Worse, if it is already widespread and affects almost the entirety of the roof itself, you may have to resort to total roof replacement as this can already compromise your property’s structural integrity. So have them removed right away as soon as you notice them.

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